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Robert Bennett Business Coach

Robert Bennett is a corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur who founded multiple companies and is presently engaged in two new startups.  He has shared his experiences in the US and internationally with over a hundred entrepreneurs as a Mentor at the University of West Florida School of Business, a Mentor to the Military Veterans Entrepreneurship training program, and a strategic evaluator of startup companies seeking private equity funding.  Bob further shares his experience and knowledge of entrepreneurship and economic development practice as a blogger on

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“This book is the first complete source of entrepreneurship practices that O have ever seen. It separates facts from myths and combines empirical data with real-life experience to provide proven road maps to ecosystem success. It is a physical embodiment of a “Palantir” – an almost magical “Seeing Stone” that reveals the journey ahead.”

Robert L. Foster Serial Entrepreneur

“Bob is one of the most experienced executives in public and private companies. He provides an excellent collection of advice, references and rich analysis on entrepreneurship, while also providing a much needed insight into the external factors surrounding startup ecosystems.”

Hernando Bunuan Venture Capital & Startup Mentor